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To avoid challenges and obstacles along the path to preventing foreclosure, consider the help of a professional HUD, state, or other not for profit counselor.

Unfortunately, there are several scam artists seeking to take advantage of homeowners in financial trouble. These people often market themselves as "foreclosure consultants" or as working for a "loan modification company". These people may even tell you that they are acting on CitiMortgage's behalf in the loan modification process. We advise that you use caution when dealing with any third party that claims they can save your home from foreclosure or obtain a loan modification for you.

At CitiMortgage, we are happy to work directly with you to try to find a workable solution to your situation. We independently review borrower information and process loan modifications for eligible borrowers. We never charge a fee to process a hardship loan modification. Unauthorized Third Parties often require you to pay an upfront fee or request that you make your mortgage payments directly to them. Please contact the Homeowner Support Team at 1-866-272-4749+ if you have any questions or concerns about a solicitation for loan modification services.

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